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Here is my new Card-Jitsu Snow Story! This is only part 1.

I have visited the dojo for my daily training exercises, and it was much chillier than I remember. The snow was so thick I couldn't see the Ninja Hideout entrance. I summoned the power of Fire to shield me from the sleet, and the dim light guided me to the hideout, and I asked the old Water Ninja controlling the Flying Flipper Emporium about the mysterious snow, and the crowded dojos filled with penguins. He handed me a grubby, wet newspaper, and I read the headline: Ninjas Wanted. That explained the overcrowded Dojo, but why so much snow?  An old, gray penguin wearing tattered silk robes and a straw hat turned me, the water ninja shop manager, and a few others. His face was hidden under the hat, and all that showed was a thick, long beard. He cleared his throat, and dug an amulet out from his   robe. He had two gems, each of them glowing brightly, but the snow one seemed dark and stony next to the other two. A single snowflake dropped on his empty snow spot on his amulet, and it glowed brightest of all, before fading away, and leaving a white, sparkly gem in its place. His shabby garb transformed into a long, flowing robe that seemed to be made of pure snow. He turned his head up, revealing his bushy eyebrows and thin, papery skin.  "Ninjas", he whispered, " the element of Snow is upon us." And with that, he snapped his fingers, and the storm stopped in its place, snowflakes hanging in the air. He yanked the amulet off his neck, and handed it to me, a mere white belt in training. "You, take the storekeeper and my amulet, take them to the mountain." The Sensei began. Then a deep, loud gong sounded, and the snow and roaring wind resumed its normal path, drowning out the Senseis' voice. "My time here is short, I need to control It before it attacks. I must go!" His image slightly faded, until he vanished completely, leaving me with an old salesman and the most valuable artifact in penguin history.
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