Mascots are special penguins or creatures that move around BeyondCP Island, handing out an exclusive background. You can get a stamp for meeting them. They appear at certain parties and events, and even randomly around the island. They can even communicate with other players. Mascots are controlled by BeyondCP staff members. While some mascots are directly from Club Penguin, others are custom. Some existing mascots from Club Penguin sometimes have different clothing for certain parties. For example, Cadence, Puffle Handler, and Dot wear bikinis at the Water Party.

Below is a list of mascots and the parties they appear in.

Mascot Appearances Staff member(s) controlling them
Rockhopper Adventure Party: Journey to Rockhopper Island
Gary City Party, Operation: Break-in, Halloween Party
Cadence Puffle Party, Water Party, Dance-a-thon Green Ninja
Aunt Arctic City Party, Operation: Break-in (as The Director)
Puffle Handler Puffle Party, Water Party, Dance-a-thon
Rookie Operation: Break-in, Candy Celebration
Sensei Fire Party, Celebration of Snow SandorL
The Penguin Band Dance-a-thon, spontaneous appearances
Herbert P. Bear Operation: Break-in, Fire Party
Rory Public Beta Construction
Bambadee Adventure Party: Journey to Rockhopper Island (on RH Island only)
Dancing Penguin Dance-a-thon
Dubstep Puffle Puffle Party, Dance-a-thon
Klutzy Operation: Break-in, Fire Party, Adventure Party: Journey to Rockhopper Island
Jet Pack Guy Operation: Break-in, Fire Party, Festival of Flight
Dot Operation: Break-inWater Party, Dance-a-thon
Gariwald VIII Halloween Party
Dugglus Around the Island, City Party WikiaFrog
Flyer Around the Island, Festival of Flight

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