Hello all,

The fact that I write this to you is bitter sweet. I am glad to announce that we have decided to merge with another CPPS. I want you all to know the important information I list below.

  • We will stay BeyondCP: The other CPPS has agreed to take on our name, and we will remain with the name we chose.
  • All of BeyondCP's features will merge too: All the cool stuff we planned will still come! The other team has a great coder who can help us accomplish things we couldn't alone!
  • All staff will transfer: If you are a moderator on BeyondCP, you still are.
  • Our teams are joining: Our two teams will be merging into one! I will be joining on as co-designer (the other designer does custom items). Miron, you will be a staff head and customer service person. Green Ninja, you will remain as head of social media. All mods will stay mods.
  • There will be no Public Beta: Since this CPPS already has the tools it needs to run nicely, a Public Beta period won't be necessary.

I hope you all recognize how great an opportunity this is! The other CPPS has a GREAT VPS, and it's going to make our CPPS amazing! Together, we will be up there with the legends! I will release more details on the merge as we finish.

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