So excited, everyone!

The BeyondCP Public Beta Test will begin tomorrow, March 1st! I'm stoked to have fun on the CPPS! It'll be so fun, I can't wait! And then on the 5th the Community Center and Cul-de-sac finish construction, and on the 8th a puffle party! This is awesome! Can we adopt puffles on the CPPS? If so, would a rainbow puffle be released? Anyways, the map is pretty cool, I love everything so far!
Food Explosion Logo

Possible logo if made transparent?

I made a basic food explosion logo, with food on it. If the text was better and bigger and the pictures less blurry, and the background was transparent, it would look good, but since I can't do that, it's not. Anyways again, good luck everyone at the beta test!

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