Yes, you heard it right – I'm quitting BeyondCP. Or should I say „iBeyondCP”? Here's a list of reasons I quit:

  • The CPPS is getting delayed everyday. It was supposed to release a week ago.
  • Merge with Penguin Matrix – I think we shouldn't have merged now.
    • They want to earn money, have premium, nameglow, bubble color etc.
    • Pyrochip keeps renaming it – once it was called MatrixCP, now iBeyondCP... I guess it'll be soon called iMatrixCP. See what I mean?
  • Nameglow
  • BFF
  • Marry

I'm passing on the staff lead position to 123cat1, aka 123kitten1. Sandor, make him a bureaucrat if he creates an account when he turns 13.

Thank you all for a good bad time at iBeyondCP.

Your friend,
Super Miron

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