I'm Also Quitting "i"BeyondCP. Here are the reasons:

  1. We merged for no reason
  2. Me, Vic, Kitten, and Miron founded BeyondCP, yet I was put in social media
  3. The name was changed to iBeyondCP....Is the i REALLY nessesary? Plus, the site is named PenguinMatrix!
  4. Delay after Delay after Delay....And it goes on.
  5. Everything just...changed. New members, this huge wiki...I dont really like changes. :P.
  6. Donations. We have Donations and Premium. Now we're making money off of this. Seriously?

So this is my way of saying: Farewell. Au Revoir. Audios. Wakkatakkamakka. Goodbye. 

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